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How To Send A Form Submission To A Google Sheet/CSV File

In this piece of writing, you will learn how you can integrate google sheets/CSV file to view all emails and leads.

Step 1:

Sign up at Botsify and land on the dashboard or if you have already signed up then simply sign in with the credentials.

Step 2:

Go to chatbot AI and select Conversational Forms to create one for your leads. Name your form “email selection” (say). NOTE: If you already have created a form then step forward.

Step 3:

Go to your integromat dashboard and create a scenario.  Start creating it from a scratch by adding a module. Make sure the module you have created is of “webhook” and for more precision make sure it is “custom webhook”. Also, name your webhook module (whatever you want to name it). 

Step 4:

The next step is to copy the API payload from the custom webhook you have created and paste it to the conversational form API key section. Make sure the method type is “POST”.

Step 5:

Go back to integromat, add another module, and select “google sheets”. Choose “add a row” action and add your gmail account. Make sure the gmail account you are signing up with is the same as where your leads will be showing up. NOTE: a new window will pop up for signing in your gmail account Once, you have signed in; the next is select “select spreadsheet and sheet” in the mode section.  Lastly, in the sheets section choose the right tab (sheet) where you want to draw your leads. Then save it.

Step 6:

Go back to Botsify’s dashboard, test your bot, run the conversational form, and submit it. 

Step 7:

At last, go back to the integromat run once and you can view all the values that are on the sheet. Make sure you have listed the correct values according to the sheet.