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Create Your Unique Chatbot According To Your Brand Nature

You can create a brand image of your website chatbot according to the nature of your brand. A warm welcome message will give an instant positive image of yours!   Follow the below steps to create your brand image:

Step 1

Click on "CONNECT" and Go to “Chatbot for Website” and select “Branding” Website chatbot Branding You will find options to customize your bot by putting your Bot image. That might be your logo or the person.

Step 2

Insert the following details: Insert Bot name   Bot Email   Home Message that appears before your user sends you a message  

Step 3

Select your Primary color which will be the color of the chat window and   Choose the color of your icon which appears at the bottom of your chatbot.   These branding tools for your chatbot message make it more appealing and grabs user’s attention instantly. Bonus: Try to be as informal as you can to make your visitor feel comfortable.