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A guide to creating Basic Messages

Basic messages include your “Get Started” message, “Greeting Message”, “Default Message” & “Small Talk” features. These messages perform different functions which your bot sends to your user on different instances. Let’s get into the step by step guide on creating basic messages for your chatbots.

Step 1: Story Message

On the left side, click on “Chatbot AI” you will see "Story" option. Click on it and create first story message for your chatbot and if you are new to botsify, follow this guide to create first story message  

Step 2: Get Started & Default Message

On the story page you will see all the story messages created and move to the 3 dots click on it you will see more options like: - Set as Get Started - Set as Default Message You can select any of the options to set up a story message for these situations. It will prompt you to a warning message just click on yes and you will see your story message added to the Get Started tab. Setting up ‘Greeting Message’ The “Greeting Message” is a regular greeting message that will be sent when a user interacts with your Facebook Page. Insert whatever message you want in the box and select how the chatbot should greet the user i.e. either by saying hello or any other message. You can go to settings options and select the Greeting Message option from there.

Setting up 'Common User Questions

You can teach your chatbot to support small talk with no extra development. If you wish you can enable small talk and customize responses to the below-mentioned sections of small talk. By default, your chatbot will respond with predefined phrases and customization is disabled. These are the Basic Messages that one must be familiar with when setting up a chatbot on Botsify.