Creating basic messages for a chatbot

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Nov, 28, 2016
Basic messages are the default messages which your bot sends to your user on different instances.

Step 1

We now move on towards customizing the chatbot. On the left, we have a slim panel that widens when you hover the mouse over it. Click on the Basic Messages button to set up some of the basics of your chatbot.

Step 2

On this page, you can customize three different options, namely; “Greeting Message”, set up a “Get Started” button and change the “Default Message” settings.

  • The “Greeting Message” is a regular greeting message that will be sent when a user interacts with your Facebook Page. Insert whatever message you want in the box and select how the chatbot should greet the user i.e. either by saying hello or any other message. 

  • The “Get Started” button can be setup to do one of the four available actions; to send a singular message via the chatbot, to start a story conversation that has been setup already, to use a media block that has been created or to integrate a plugin. 

  • The “Default Message” is the message that is displayed when a user’s response is unexpected or not similar to one in the story you have selected. This can be changed and has four options, namely; sending a normal message via the chatbot, starting a story via the chatbot, using a media block or for starting a plugin.

These are the “Basic Messages” that one must be familiar with when setting up a chatbot on Botsify.