Manage Admins and Agents of your Chatbot

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On Feb, 06, 2019
Your elite business needs an efficient team to work along. For your ease, Botsify has introduced a feature, “Manage Teams” where you can add multiple team members. From the left Toolbar, Click on Settings Now Go to Manage Team You will be directed to a new page Now Click on the button “Add Team Member In this dialogue box, add details of your bot Admin/Agent Add Admin’s Name, and his/her email address. There are three positions with their specific area of functionality and limitations:
  • Admins: can manage all functions except “Settings” from the Left Toolbar of the dashboard.
  • Editor: can access Live chat and all functions except settings.
  • Live Chat Agent: can access only Live-Chat
You can choose the admin accordingly and share your burden with them.