How to create SMS Chatbot with Twilio

Connect your Twilio account with Chatbot and send automated SMS replies to customers. SMS chatbot can enhance your customer service and experience at great level and provide you ease in managing your daily text messages.  

Here's how you can connect Twilio with Botsify

3 simple steps:

1: Create Twilio Account

  • Visit Twilio
  • Create a Twilio accountTwilio Account Registeration 

2: Buy a Number


3: Connect Botsify

  • Sign in to your Botsify account
  • Go to Publish Bot sectionbotsify dashboard 1botsify dashboard 2
  • Open Twilio Dashboard
  • Copy the Account SID, Auth Token and Number
  • Paste the credentials on Botsify Connect to Twilio
  • Set the Twilio SMS Webhook
  And that’s it! You have connected botsify with twilio, try sending messages now :)

Sending Messages

sample sms 1 sample sms 2
sample sms 3 sample sms 4