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How To Use Data Stores & Keyword Combinations

  We have renamed entities to DataStore to help platform users understand this feature a lot easier - A place where you create ways to store user data! Previously called “Entities”, a datastore is basically where you predefine certain choices, behavior, and user attributes that help you categorize bot users. Data Store You will now be seeing DataStore written everywhere in place of entities. As you can see, we have also mentioned it onto the sidebar.  Other than the name, you can see a revamping when you click create DataStore - Custom and Predefined Patterns options. Custom DataStore allows you to create any possible custom category that you might want to store data in by using certain keywords. Whereas, Global DataStore allows you to save data within predefined categories like phone number, amount of money, email, URL, location, date/time, etc.  Moving onto…

User Message in Story

Earlier, the user message had 3 options to choose the type of user message which were keyword match, entity match, and phrase match. We have now narrowed it down to 2 options Keyword Combination and Phrase The phrase user message type is just as it was before:  Keyword Combination is, however, a very interesting new upgrade. You can choose between a number of Keywords AND a variable from DataStore (previous entity): Keeping in mind, that you can choose up to 3 keywords OR variables OR a combination of both by clicking on the “Add” option: I hope you enjoy the updated features as our sole purpose of adding new things and renewing the existing ones, is always to make things faster, better, and easier for you!