What are Quick Replies

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On Nov, 21, 2017
Quick replies are small buttons containing a message. The user will not have to type their responses, instead they will be given options beforehand. Once the user selects one of the options, the value of the button is displayed as a text message. The image below will help you understand more about the quick replies.

This is how quick replies are shown in Messenger after making a choice by selecting a button.

How to Set Up Quick Replies
You can add quick replies when creating stories for your bot. Go to “Chatbot AI” and click “Story” from the side menu. Once you are there, click “Create a Story” then add quick replies to your story as follows.

After adding your quick replies it would look like this.

You’ll notice 3 new options appearing after adding quick replies. The blue button indicates your current selected button. The "No quick reply" button is hidden in the chat but is activated when the user does not select any of the quick replies to answer.

You can carry on your story by clicking on each button and add content to your liking. Following are just examples to use quick replies.

You can also add quick replies to a quick reply to branch out your story. You will have to follow the same steps as above to keep on adding more quick replies. Then you can end your story as is or write an end-note, add a conversational form or a media block as required.