What is a story?

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Feb, 17, 2017
A story is a particular use case of your business for which you are building a chatbot. Consider you have a business for online travel agency. As a business there are a number of use cases possible. Each use case is more likely independent of one an another. Such as.
  1. A user might want to know about pricing of a particular city and a country.
  2. A user might be asking about opening and closing hourly of your agency.
  3. A user might be willing to know about available flights for a particular city or a country.
  4. A user might be willing to know about the owner/CEO of your business.
These are just few of the many possible use cases of the business. So ideally in Botsify it will be four different stories in order to cater each of it. At times there are several stories which are not independent from each other, you need to know those use cases and try to divide them into smaller stories. This way your chatbot doesn't confuse two different questions from the user.