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What is the purpose of story?

A story is a particular use case of your business for which you are building a chatbot   Consider you have a business of an online travel agency. Your business has a number of use cases possible. Each use case is more likely to differ from one another. Such as;   A user might want to know about the rates of a particular city and a country   A user might be asking about the opening and closing hours of your agency   A user might be willing to know about some or all available flights for a particular city or a country   A user might be willing to know about the owner/CEO of your business   These are just a few of the many possible use cases of the business. So ideally in Botsify, it will be four different stories in order to cater to each of it.   At times there are several stories that are not very different from each other; you might need to know those use cases and try to divide them into smaller stories.   This way your chatbot doesn't confuse two different questions from the user. Also, it will help your chatbot provide more accurate responses to users every time.