Facebook has recently announced a messenger update which will be waving goodbye to a number of the features by August 15, 2019. This Messenger update is aimed at making messenger the fastest platform for messaging out there. On one hand, a faster messenger is a need in the long run, on the other, the platform will have updated flows for bots - meaning you won’t be able to do certain things with your Botsify chatbot. "During F8 2019, we announced our plans to launch a lighter, better and simpler Messenger designed to build closer connections between people and businesses. Starting August 15, 2019, updated versions of the Messenger app will reflect the following changes": Facebook Messenger Platform Changelog, June 10, 2019. Firstly, Facebook explains why these updates are being made; to give a simpler, faster and cleaner experience to Messenger users and to achieve that Facebook will have to get rid of any data-heavy, redundant or barely used features and give a much faster system to the end user. We understand that this may disrupt messenger marketing to some extent but these updates ensure a healthier environment for long term use. Mainly because a better experience will increase your chances of connecting people better faster and much easier. To help you figure out what these changes are, we have explained each section separately so that you know the impact it will have on your bot.

Things That Will No Longer Be ‘On’ The Messenger App


Location Quick Replies

  "Location quick reply which allows people to send their location in the Messenger thread will no longer be rendered. We recommend businesses ask for zip code and address information within the thread. While we are sunsetting the existing version of Share Location, in the coming months we will be introducing new ways for people to communicate their location to businesses in more valuable ways."

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  Location Quick Replies are used in conversational forms when you select your input type as Location. As soon as the form is triggered into your bot flow, a user can send their location directly to your bot. This feature allows users to send a location directly in the messenger thread which will not work after the update. It is recommended to all Botsify users who are gathering location to qualify leads on bases of their user’s region to update their forms to text input while asking their city/state/zip code. This applies to those as well who need an exact address for deliveries or something. However this workaround is temporary, Facebook has announced a solution for location sharing which will be a better option post this update.

Share Buttons

  Share Button within the media, list and generic templates will no longer render. People can use the Messenger forward functionality instead of the Share Button.”

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  Since share buttons won’t appear on lists or media blocks after the update, make sure to have your “share” call-to-action which still works as the native forward feature in Messenger. This forward function appears like a little arrow button right next to the media like this: In case the “forward button” is missing, it may be because of an existing button on the media block the bot responded with. Be informed that the forward button will only appear on bot responses with a URL inside. If you want you can bring attention to this forward button by adding a separate response underneath it or by adding an image/video on your media block that has an arrow pointing towards this forward button. Usually, the forward button will appear in the center your media block, right next to it so make sure to test the image/video before adding it to that media block, so that it lands in the right direction.

Things That Will No Longer Work ‘With’ The Messenger App


Sharing From Webpages While Using Messenger

  Begin share flow Messenger extension SDK that allows developers and businesses to trigger a share experience from a webpage that loads within Messenger. As a workaround, developers can generate a link using the context in the web view and provide a way for users to copy the link and share it in the Messenger conversation.”

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  When a user views webpages from within messenger sharing this webpage will no longer trigger as there won’t be a share feature available on the page.

Sharing to Messenger

  "Share to Messenger SDK that allows people to share links and media from apps to Messenger will no longer be supported. Businesses and developers might need to make modifications to their app to trigger native OS sharing. People will be able to share content to Messenger using the native sharing features that are built into their devices."

What Does It Mean?

  Users will no longer be able to share links from other applications on their mobile to the messenger. However, they will still be able to share through their Android and iOS native share feature to the messenger.

Messenger Codes

  Messenger Codes the Messenger camera will no longer support scanning these codes. We believe this experience will be more seamless by leveraging the phone’s native capabilities to scan QR codes with m.me links.”

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  Messenger codes will no longer work. As an alternative way, you can create a URL of your bot OR a story you want to trigger when anyone scans the code of your Messenger Bot by going to Growth Tools → Direct Link of your Chatbot and copy either of these URL as you like: Use a QR code generator and turn the URL into your Messenger Chatbot’s QR Code (you can find fair many options to do that for free). Replace your existing Messenger Codes with this new QR code. Since a lot of the mobile devices now have built-in QR code scanners that function with their camera, this will be a fairly easy alternative for your users.

Things That Will Work ‘Differently’ In The Messenger App


Nested Menu

  Nested menu will no longer be supported. To create a more seamless experience for people on Messenger, we are transitioning from a nested persistent menu to a single layer menu format. We believe this will create an even better experience for people on Messenger. Nested menu items will render as a flat list.”

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  If you are already using top-level menus only then this shouldn't affect your bot in any way. However, if you are using nested menus (submenus) then each of them will show up on the top level, just like a flat list. Facebook might end up reducing the number of menu options given at the moment but will allow the top layer of the scrollable list which can be quite long, so that is good news. This means the Parent button in chatbot menus will no longer work, however you can create an action button or weblink buttons directly on the menu. Create as many Action or Weblink buttons as needed to appear in the top layer menu. So what can be an alternative workaround? Well, you can create these menus as an image slider media block with many more details and images too!

Messenger Bot Reviews

  "Messenger Bot Reviews will be removed on August 15, 2019. They allowed people to leave a star rating and review for a bot. Page owners will no longer be able to view these ratings for their app and Page in the Page Settings or in App Dashboard."

A Workaround For Botsify Users

  Since this bot review option will no longer be available: You can either ask your users to write their feedback for your bot within the flow. Create buttons or an input field at the end of a form to gather user ratings. Or you can trigger a story to collect user feedback like this: Here’s a rating bot from our bot store that you can use for this:

Subscription Messaging


Page-level Subscription Messaging Feature Requirement

  Starting April 30, 2019, a Page must be approved with the Page-level Subscription Messaging feature in order to use the Broadcast API. Apps were granted the subscription messaging permission at the app-level will no longer be respected. This change is in effect immediately to v3.3+ of the Graph API and will apply to all lower versions on July 31, 2019. Facebook Page Subscription Messaging, April 30, 2019.  

That is all you need to get your hands on this update.

  Facebook has always strived to make the user experience better and faster with each update. Although you will have a little struggle in order to adjust your bot with these sunsetting features, the lighter and faster messenger will definitely help your business in the long run!