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How to Configure Botsify Whitelabel Portal

Hey Botsifier! Yeah, we know that you have paid extra in order to be able to be a reseller of the Botsify platform. You want to get your Whitelabel portal up and running as soon as possible so you get a full flesh platform for your end customers. 

So here are a few questions that we will answer throughout this document to get your Whitelabel portal up and running easily. But before that let’s answer some of your questions

?Can I take payments from my customers?

No, the Botsify Whitelabel program is designed to exclude any sort of end-customer onboarding and payment. So you have full flexibility to use any payment method you wish from your own website and your own landing page.  After your end customer payment is complete, and onboarding is done you can create the customer sub-account from our platform and your customer will get an invite to manage their chatbot in your white-labeled portal.

?Can I invite my customers without setting up the Whitelabel Portal?

No, you can only share your chatbots but you can’t add sub-accounts basically your end customers until and unless you set up your Whitelabel settings.

?I have my domain in Gsuite, how can I add my SMTP Details in the Whitelabel settings? 

If you have your email sending domain setup with GSuite your host is and your portal is 587. Now if you have 2FA enable your account you can go to your account security and generate an APP Password for Botsify and give it in your Whitelabel settings.  If you don’t have 2FA enabled you can go to this link below and allow less secure apps to access your Gmail account and then give your Gmail's account password for sending the emails from your domain.

?I have my domain with Outlook, Sendgrid, or any other provider. How do I set up my SMTP Details?

In most cases, your SMTP host and port are publicly available by just searching on Google. If you find your SMTP host and portal in most cases you can simply enter your email and your account password to complete the SMTP setup. If you are still confused, use SMTP Checker For checking and verifying if your SMTP details are correct. We will keep updating the section above with more questions, feel free to ask them at [email protected].  For now, let’s jump right into the steps of setting up your Whitelabel platform. If you have purchased a package that gives you the ability for the Whitelabel you must see a button in the top-right menu for your Whitelabel settings. Click there and it should open up your Whitelabel settings. In this screen you would see a form that you need to submit, let me get into details of each field in this form.
  • The first field of company name, you will give the name of your company. Your customer will see this throughout your platform.
  • The second field of a domain, you will give your website the main URL.
  • The third field of mask URL, you will give the URL of the subdomain at which you want to install your Whitelabel portal. E.g.
That’s it. Basically, these are only the required fields to continue setting up your Whitelabel portal. Other fields in this form are optional but let's get to them as well.
  • The fourth field takes your SMTP Host address, basically, if you want to use your Whitelabel platform to send email alerts and notifications from your email address rather than Botsify email address you can set up your email configurations. The first step is to find a host. We have discussed in the upper part QnA of this tutorial how to find a host.
  • The fifth field takes your email sending SMTP port.
  • The sixth field takes your email from which you want to send the email to your customer, something like [email protected] would be sufficient.
  • The seventh field asks for the password of this email account so we can send the emails on your behalf.
  • Finally, the last fields of logo and colors allow you to set up your branding.
After you have filled in these details you will be required to set up the CNAME record for your mask URL in your DNS. So, login to your domain provider account and go to the DNS Settings to add this CName record. Now that you have added your CNAME Record make sure you click on the verify button our system will try to verify if you have added the CNAME Records, and if that works we will ask you to install the SSL encryption with a click of a single button. Basically, your domain would become instantly. Now here is how your Whitelabel portal masked URL would look like.  It takes up to 5 minutes for your Whitelabel portal to be fully set up and then you can give this URL to your customers. For each client now you will have to login into your Whitelabel portal, create a chatbot and then create the sub-account for this user and the user will get an invitation to join your Whitelabel portal.  The invitation looks like this. That’s it. If you have any confusion in setting up your Whitelabel portal please reach out directly at [email protected]