How To: Connect Multiple Stories

Long stories might bring in confusion for the user. To make it easier, you can make multiple stories and connect them according to the scenario. Select a story from the main navigation: Then click on the create a story, to add multiple stories or to create a story, in general: We can add stories in two ways: Using The Add Story Plugin: This method is super simple. All you need is two stories, and here you go. By clicking on the 'add story' you can add upon your desire. Click the Add Story button and select the story which you want to connect. Note: Complete your first story beforehand. The conversation flow would be shifted to the selected story. You can not add further conversation flow in the current story after selecting the story. Using Media Blocks: This method requires you to create a media block. Select media block from the same main navigation or either from the left toolbar Select either of the tabs, both will direct you to the same page. Either create a button block or a slider block. During media block creation you can add a "Story Button" button and link the story you want to connect. Example as follows By tapping at 'Start Story' a page will appear (like this) where you can add the title of the button and can initiate a story. After you create a media blockhead over to your new story to add this media block. You can add the media block by clicking the "Media Block" from the left toolbar. That's it. You have successfully connected two stories with the help of a media block. Go ahead save your story and make it more humane.