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How To Create An App On Shopify

Here in this help documentation, you’ll learn how can you create an app on your Shopify account   First, make sure you are logged into your Shopify Account and into the admin dashboard.   Let’s begin with simply clicking on the apps from the left toolbar   Continue with clicking on the App and sales channel settings   In order to develop an app, you must start from scratch, so for that click on Develop apps   Allow custom app development to proceed   Then click on create an app to start   Add an app name and select your app developer, then click create app to proceed   To set the settings for your app, click configure admin API scopes from the overview section   Once you land in the configuration section, you must filter access scopes which are read_order and read_product, then click save Next up, go to API credentials, and install the app   Copy the token provided   Once the token is copied, you’ll send the token to [email protected] for further assistance and integration with Shopify along with the Chatbot name you wish to integrate.