Understand Botsify Pricing

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Feb, 17, 2017
Botsify pricing is relatively very simple. It is free for the first 14 days, after that you will need to pay for the subscription plan. In your free trial period, you will be given every feature that Botsify has to offer without any limitations. After your free trial expires, you will need to subscribe to the Pro Plan which is $50 per month and $520 per year. In your free trial and Pro Plan, you will have the ability to create unlimited chatbots. Make as many chatbots as you like, whether it's a Facebook chatbot, Website chatbot, or both. Your chatbots can talk to 30,000 users. These 30,000 users can talk to your chatbot multiple times. So let’s say you create a chatbot for ordering a cake if your chatbot takes 79 orders from 40 customers (some customers have multiple orders, and some customers might have none). Your user count will be 40 users. You also have the ability to send unlimited messages with your chatbots. Send as many messages as you want, we're not stopping you! Now you might ask! “What happens when my bot exceeds its limitation of 30,000 users”? Don’t worry! We won’t disable or shut down your chatbot without notice. You will, however, be charged $0.003 per exceeded user. To see more details about the pricing and Frequently Asked Questions visit our Pricing page