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Learn About User Segmentation

User Segmentation allows you to send Broadcast Messages to a specific set of users rather than a whole bunch of them

How to create User Segmentation?:

Creating user segmentation is very easy. Learn how to do it! *Notice: “Store as user attribute” toggle should be enabled when creating an entity. Login to your dashboard. And from the side menu expand the Users option and select User Segmentation user segmentation   However, after clicking the 'User Segmentation' another page will appear: Click on 'create user segments' to create one. Then click on 'create a Datastore' to proceed. Add data and value of your preference: Voila! Your data store has been created successfully.

How To Send User Segmentation?:

We have successfully created user segmentation. Let’s send our first broadcast message! Select publish bot from the setting and connect your bot with Facebook (if not done): Sending User Segmentation On the messenger menu select 'Broadcast messages': send broadcast Later on, the following page will appear through which you can broadcast messages if you have talked to bots: