What is a Facebook Chatbot?

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Nov, 18, 2016
A Facebook bot is an extension to your Facebook Page’s messaging functionality.

Each Facebook bot has to be linked with an existing Facebook Page. So if anyone is chatting with your bot, they’re chatting with your Facebook Page — but instead of talking human-to-human, your bot talks for you.

Although your chatbot talks to your user initially they can always shift to normal chatting mode when they are not comfortable with chatting to a chatbot through our features, which you will learn going forward.

There are several advantages of having a chatbot for your business page. Some of them are listed below.

1- Chatbots are faster than human, the one thing that matters the most for your Facebook page is your response time. How long it takes you to response to user's queries matters.

2- Chatbots shrink your conversion funnel and enables your users to achieve their goal very quickly in a few steps.

3- Chatbots are human friendly and maintains the brand of your product. Chatbots are easily searchable in the Facebook's bots directory which increases the exposure of your business.

Here is how a typical chatbot looks like.