What are Forms

Written by Amna Hassan
Posted On May, 26, 2017
What are forms?
Forms are used to collect information.

Leads and their collection is very imperative for any business and we at Botsify understand it. So, we have rolled out a new feature “Forms” that lets you make customized forms for your business, record user responses and import leads to your Botsify account or email.

whats is forms

And just so you don’t get inappropriate responses, we have gone an extra mile to validate each field’s response so that you get filtered and valid information at all times.


Following responses can be accepted by Botsify:

Email: Email addresses followed by an @ and email service e.g Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Number: Any digit to indicate quantity.

Options: Customized options as offered by user for people who interact with the chatbot.

Text: Text responses such as name, occupation etc.

Phone: Certain number of digits as phone number.

Location: Location of the chatbot user.

Image: Image files can also be accepted as a response.

DateTime: Date and time in a certain format.

Currency: Currency input by chatbot user is also acceptable.

URL: Website URLs ending with .com, .org, .edu etc are also accepted.

Custom Entities: User’s customized entities are also accepted as a response.