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Make your chatbot speak!

There are basically two ways a chatbot can speak. The chatbot may start the conversation with the user when he arrives to your bot, and in other case a user will ask a question to the chatbot for which it will respond. 1- The first type of interaction, in which bot speaks first, is called greeting message. The chatbot introduce itself to the user and tell him how user can utilize it for his purpose. In Botsify such kind of conversational messages are called "Basic Messages" and it is the first item in our left hand menu bar when you create your chatbot given by the screenshot below. Screenshot at Feb 17 16-49-42 Let's say we are building a chatbot for find the weather, the first message it should send to his users should be something like.
"Hey, welcome to weather bot. Please type the name of your city and I will find you the weather".
  Screenshot at Feb 17 16-47-33 2- Second type of interaction is where user asks a question and the chatbot respond. The user can ask question based on the introduction you have made in the first interaction.  Such as for the weather finding bot, user may type the name of his city. This way Bot will have to respond and find the weather for his user. In Botsify this kind of interaction is called a story, let's read more about the story in next tutorials.