You can now get connected with your users through Schedule Messages.
This feature enables you to send reminder messages or can ask your user about what they are up to in a friendly way.
It builds a strong connection between you and your user.

Let’s learn how to create a schedule message
From Dashboards, Go to left Toolbar.
Click on Promotion and from drop-down Go to “Schedule Message”

From center button, Enter “Schedule a Message”

You will be directed to a new page.
In this dialogue box,

- Select days: Days you want to send your schedule message to your user

- Task Active: Activate or deactivate your task according to your campaign

- Select time: 
Toggle Right: Bot’s Timezone - set time according to the given bot time
Toggle Left: User’s Timezone - set time according to your timezone

- User Segments: Select the segment you want to send the message to. For example: for women attire, choose females. Your message will be sent to women only.

You have 3 options to format your Schedule Message

- Bot Says: Create your text message

- Send Media Blocks: send images, sliders, file etc to grab your attention

- Plugins: Add conversational forms after introducing your campaign, or add an RSS feed etc. It depends on the nature of your message.

Enter “Schedule Message”

Your Schedule Message is ready! Now you can take rest, your bot will do your job!

Schedule message gives your user a feeling that you don’t forget them in return, it creates a loyal customer and long term relationship with them.