How to Create An Image Slider Block or Carousel in Chatbot

Image Slider Block allows you to create a slideshow of items or options your company offers. Each slider is composed of an image attachment, title, subtitle, and at most 3 buttons

How to Create an Image Slider Block:

Slider Block enables you to take quick action.
👉Go to Media Block
👉Click Create Media Block Button
👉Select the “Image Slider” option from the top.
Note: Before going to create an image slider; go to "create media block"

You will be directed to the following screen so select "image slider":

This is the basic setup of the image slider block containing only one item.

Click on the + button to add more items.
After adding more items you will see 3 new buttons.
👉Previous button: This will take you back to the previous item.
👉Next button: This will take you to the next item.
👉Remove button: which is at the top right corner and is displayed with an “X” will remove the current item.

Buttons in a Media Block are limited to at most 3 on a single card.

👉You can add up to 10 items per slider block. The items will act and appear as a slider in your chatbot.
👉Once you have created the slider block, click the "Save button on the top right of your screen, also don't forget to use this media block in your story.
👉Media block lets your clients engage in your proposals without getting bored. By introducing the Media block, Botsify provides an easy and quick way to customize your chatbot.