How to Create Slider Block or Carousel in Chatbot

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Oct, 22, 2017
Slider Block allows you to create slider of items, each composed of an image attachment, short description and buttons to request input from the user.

How to Create Slider Block:

Go to Media Block, click Create Media Block Button, Select Slider Block. Now you will see the following screen:

This is basic setup for slider block containing only one item. Click on + button to add another item. The items will act and appear as a slider in your chatbot.


After adding another item you will get 2 more buttons. Back button, which will take you back to previous item, while X button will remove the item. Buttons are limited to at most 3 on a single card. At most you can add 10 cards.

Once you have created the slider block, click the "Save & Exit" button on the top right of your screen, also don't forget to use this media block in your story. Go and setup a story  to start seeing your media block in action.