Media Block Format for Automatic Website Chatbot

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On Aug, 13, 2018
Media Block is one of the main features of Botsify. And if you came across our new dashboard for Automatic Website chatbot you will notice that there is no option for creating a media block.

But in reality you can make media blocks but not in the same way as before. Creating media blocks has been changed in the new design and let's take a look at how we can create media blocks.

Image Block:

To make an image block you just have to upload an image. In my case I've uploaded an image of a football.

I'll save my QnA and go back to my list and it shows as follow

Button Block:

To make a button template you have to write some content and add a button title after that in a new line.

Highlight the button title and click on the link button

Insert the link that you want in the field and click Save

Save your QnA and that's it. You have created your button block.

Slider Block:

To make a slider block You have to upload atleast two images with a title (optional) and atleast one link just below each image. You can add upto three links below each image which will act as a button. Here's how you can create a slider block

Upload your first image and add a title and link just below it.

Upload your second image and add a title and link just below it as well.

At this stage you can either add more images with titles and links beneath it or you can just save your QnA. I'll save my QnA.

That's it. You have created your slider block.

Please note that image should not be greater than 3MB and don't add more than 10 images when creating a slider block.

At the time of writing, due to size limitations, you can not create Video, Audio, and File Block. For now you can only create aforementioned media blocks in Botsify's Automatic Website Chatbot interface.