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How To Create A Video Media Block

Learn how to create a text media block along with the use of buttons

Step 1

Chatbot AI Go to the chatbot AI from the left toolbar

Step 2

Media Block Then click on the "Media Blocks"

Step 3

Next, a screen will appear showing your all media blocks. So click on “create media block” to start from scratch

Step 4

Click the "VIDEO" button to create the video media block.

Step 5

By tapping on the “upload video” you can add up the video you want to show to your users.

Step 6

To add the button that shall be actionable for the users can be added from the “add new button” section.

Step 7

From the “add new button” option you can have multiple button type options, I have chosen the website URL for the demo

Step 8

After adding the button type you will have to add the required field, as shown above. Add this and then save your media block.

Step 9

At last, click the "Test your bot here" to complete the process.