Acquire Users from Comments

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On May, 08, 2018
This feature provides you a way to connect your business to your likely customers. With this feature you can reply your post comments with private messages on messenger. This allows to give immediate support to your customers and create leads with it.

How to use Comment Optin Plugin

Visit the following Comment Optin page and click on “Get Started” button Aquire users from comments You will need to login by your Facebook account. After login you will see the pages of your Facebook accounts. Connect with one of the listed pages and click on “Let’s start” button After Clicking on Let’s Start button a “Comment Optin Wizard” Form would appear Select your Page Post Input keywords on which you want to send commenter a message. And write message on message field that you want to send privately to the user who has comment on your selected post which contain any of your given keywords. After filling the form click on Save button and enjoy the Comment Optin feature and increase your leads. Now whenever any user comments on your post which you selected and the comment contain any of the keywords that you have specified. The private message would be sent to that user.