Acquire Users from Comments

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On May, 08, 2018
This feature provides you a way to connect your business to your likely customers. With this feature you can:
    • Reply your post comments with private messages on messenger
    • Give immediate support to your customers and create leads with it.
    • You can send your new write-ups in their inbox when they subscribe you
    • You can stay connected with your new and old followers through Auto follow-ups

Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

  Go to Botsify Inc. and signing using Facebook details   Then continue with Facebook Select your Page. I have selected “World's Knowledge” Click next and check for settings: You will be directed to another page. Select your plan according to how do you want to build your Chatbot Audience. I have selected “Acquire Users From Facebook Post Comments” Now fill 3 quick fields to continue working.
    1. Keywords on which you want to answer your commenter.
    1. Select the post from drop-down you want to turn on Auto-respond to comments.
  1. Create an auto message you want to send to the commenter.

Here we Go!

  Your post is ready! Now you can work on your latest growth marketing strategy for your business! Now go to your post and comment any of the keywords you have put. See how it works! Chatbots are a great way to communicate with your leads. It plays a vital role in growth marketing. You can extract basic contact details of your user and gather them in CRM or Google spreadsheet to use it further in email marketing.