How to Setup Checkbox Plugin on Your Website

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On May, 08, 2018
Checkbox plugin works with any website in the world, including yours. Whenever someone checks this plugin it becomes your audience, to whom you can send an instant welcome message on Facebook through your brand's Facebook page and also anytime in the future whenever you have new alerts or updates for them. You can also include the plugin on an e-commerce website, where you wish to send receipts and order updates to the user directly to their inboxes.

How to integrate Checkbox Plugin on your website

First and foremost, You will need to be logged in with your Facebook account.

Now go to your Botsify dashboard. On the left bar click on “Promotion”.   In this section, you will see “Growth Tools” click on it. Simply go to the “Facebook Checkbox Plugin” feature. And create one   After clicking on the “Create Checkbox Plugin” button a checkbox wizard form would appear. Insert the website URL where you will use the plugin and the message that you want to send to the user who has checked on the plugin and submit it. After filling all the fields click on “Get Code” Button and the Code will be given to you.   Paste the code on your website wherever you want to use the Checkbox Plugin and start Collecting leads.