How to Setup Dialogflow

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On Jan, 30, 2018
For this tutorial, as an example we will use Dialogflow in story. So let’s get started.

Go to the Chatbot AI and select Story from left side menu.

In the Bot sends block, click on Plugin button. You will see the following window with Dialogflow icon, click on it.

After clicking the button another modal will appear. Click on Get Started Button.

After clicking on get started. You will be redirected below to the following screen.

At this point you might not have any account attached. Click on Add new account link, a new window will appear.

In the Authentication name, type in any name you want. You can get the API Key, by going to Dialogflow, Sign in and in the side menu you will see a gear icon click that.

After that, scroll down, you will see your client access token, copy that and paste it in API Key.

And click proceed.

Now select query which you want to attach to plugin and then click finish.

Save your story and Viola!! You have successfully integrated dialogflow.