Integrate RSS Feed with Chatbot

In this tutorial, we will create your chatbot with your RSS Feed. RSS Feed is a dynamic feed created based on your website’s content

Usually, platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Drupal provide the RSS Feed by default, sometimes you might have to enable it from your admin panel but most of the time it works.

Different platforms have different ways to generalize your RSS Feed URL, such as WordPress uses a format that is similar to this link given below.


The first step is to figure out your Feed URL.

Once you know your feed URL, you can link it with any story, template, or even menu via our plugin. Here is an example of linking RSS Feed with a story, and you have tons of different ways to use it dynamically with entities and templates as well.

👉Create a story

Create a story you want to link your RSS Feed with.

👉Link RSS Feed

Use the RSS plugin and paste your RSS Feed URL.

👉Try it out!

Now go back to your chatbot in Facebook messenger, type: “Belts” to trigger this story. You will find out the bot fetches correct results from your RSS feed, with an image or a default one, and push that in the messenger.