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Using Botsify Plugins - Unlimited Integrations for your Chatbot

We keep your existing data to make the chatbot functional with your already existing data, RSS Feed, or API endpoint without the use of any third party. It is the most essential function for our users. We keep your data secure and don't share it with any third party like Zapier or IFFTT. Your data is directly used by the chatbot without even utilizing that for any hidden purpose The security system of Botsify makes it different from others. Before you start, let us tell you where the plugins can be used and in what possible conditions. Although we give just a gist of it, there are unlimited possibilities.

Where the plugins can be used?

One of the core features of Botsify is to keep the UI Uniform and user-friendly to use throughout the platform, you use the plugin at the following places with all the steps of integration equally same in all the plugins.

1. Plugin in the 'Get Started' button or 'Default response'

This case is particularly important when you want to take the data from your website or API and show the content. Let’s say you want to send users things other people like when the bot fails to respond to the user’s question. What an incredible use case this is!

2. Plugin in Menu Item

The chatbot menu is important for the user to pick up the conversation from the middle, to do the most frequent things easily. We make it possible for you to call you API from the menu item actions such as, “Recommend me popular stuff” menu item might make an API call and make an action call.

3. Plugin in Template buttons

Templates are what make today’s chatbots different from conventional ones, it makes it easy for users to understand the purpose via images or videos, or sometimes even just with text and take a particular action based on it. You can integrate your payment API or checkout API with buttons in your templates as well.

4. Plugin in Stories

Stories are the heart of Botsify, it’s what makes us big and useful. These stories engage your viewer and guide them throughout their visit. You can create a particular use case such as “Suggesting user content based on his query”. Such as if user types “shoes” you would like to show him shoes from your e-commerce store.

5. Plugin in Schedule Messages

What if you want to send users content every day based on their attributes recorded in your database already? Such as someone who likes “Sweet Dishes” wouldn’t you want to deliver him the content about “Sweet Dishes” daily or on alternate days to engage with the user and make them remember you in a long run?   That’s all you can do with the Plugins. You can engage your users throughout and grow your business. Don’t waste time sign-up with Botsify and we will guide you to the easiest way for RSS Plugin to integrate with Botsify.