Stripe Connect (Collect Payment on Messenger Chatbot by Stripe)

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On May, 08, 2018
If you have an eCommerce Platform and you are using messenger bot, there is a great feature for you to collect payment on messages through stripe connection on Botsify. As the user buys anything the amount would be sent to your stripe account. Prerequisite You must have a Stripe account How to Collect Payment through Stripe on Messenger Bot (Botsify) Login to Botsify Select your Bot on which you want to collect payment Go to Settings menu from the left sidebar and click on “Connect Stripe” Tab On the Connect Stripe tab you will see the button “Connect with Stripe” on the center of the page, as you click on the button you will be redirected to the stripe, fill all the required fields and submit. If your submission goes successful you will be redirected to Botsify. To collect payment on any product you will need to create Slider Block. To create a slider block, go to Media Block from the left sidebar and click on Slider Block On the Slider Media block click on “Add Button” and select “Buy Button” A payment form would appear define your price for the product (You can also add Taxes or Shipping charges etc.). You can also add the “Meta Data” for the person who is buying this product On the “Advance Setting” you can define what information should be asked from the user who is going to buy the product. After filling the required field on the payment form a “Buy Now” would be added on the slider.