Add New Leads on your Email List

Written by Muhammad Aamir
Posted On Apr, 15, 2019
Adding new accounts in the mailing list is so mainstream! You can now connect your Botsify account with Mailchimp to do it automatically.

Let’s learn how to connect Botsify account with MailChimp and create its zap!

From Zapier Home Page, Go to Integrations

On “Pick apps to Explore Workflow ideas” search bar,  write Botsify and select it.

Now scroll down to “App Details For Current Selection”

Connect your Botsify Account by pasting API key from Botsify Settings > API Key

New Lead
Add new lead from your Bot to MailChimp

If you want to collect new leads from the user then select New Lead

Connect your Botsify Account if not connected already. Save and Continue working!

You are almost Done! Now Choose an Action!

We are connecting MailChimp to our Botsify account.

Choose an option that best suits your campaign.

I have selected Add/Update Subscriber.

Save + Continue. Now login with your MailChimp account

You will be directed to a new window. Enter all the fields

If you want to see the sample you can test it or skip the step.

After Sample, Enter Finish.

Toggle Right to turn on your Zap!

Your MailChimp Zap is ready to use!