Botsify Zapier Integration

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On May, 24, 2018

Botsify has launched its App on Zapier to make it easier to integrate with multiple external apps. Currently we have a single action i.e. “Create stories on Botsify”. You can use any app to create stories on Botsify by connecting it through Botsify app on Zapier. For the example purpose we are going to create Zap of Botsify with Google Sheet to create stories on Botsify by using Google Sheet.

Create Stories from Google Sheet on Botsify

Login to Zapier and click on “MAKE A ZAP” Button
Select Google Sheet as Trigger
Select “New Spreadsheet Row” trigger from Google Sheet Triggers

and now Connect your Google account

Select “Botsify” as Action app and Select “Create Story” action and click on Save + Continue button

Now connect your Botsify account by clicking on “Connect an Account” button

To Connect with Botsify account you need an API Key of the Bot, You can find the API Key in the “Settings” options from the left side bar and on the “General Settings”.

Map Google Sheet columns with the “User Phrase” and “Bot Response
Perform Test Step
If your test goes successful click on “Finish” button
Name your ZAP and turn it On and your ZAP is ready