How to: Build a Search Engine Chatbot

Written by Hasan Rizvi
Posted On Jan, 30, 2018
Botsify allows its users to create a chatbot which can search the internet and fetch us results instantly. This can easily be achieved by using Google Search Integration plugin.

Let’s see how we can use this plugin.

For this example, we’ll create a chatbot which will search Google for what a user had said.

Go to Chatbot AI then to the Basic Messages and head over to the Default Message section.

Now click the Plugins button.

Click the Google icon which is below the JSON API button.

A modal will pop up. Click the “Get started!” button.

Now you have to put your API Key and Search Engine ID.

You can get these by following the steps below:

By clicking “more” under the input field, you will be redirect to the Custom Search documentation by Google.

How to get API Key:

Click on “GET A KEY” button.

Select or create a project and click “Next”. It will then generate your API Key.

How to get Search Engine ID:

Create a new search engine if you haven’t already. Type the website you want to search from, in my case its Name of the search engine will automatically generate but you can also edit it to your liking. Click on the “Create” button to proceed.   Go to the Control Panel by clicking the “Control Panel” button.   Scroll down and you’ll see a “Search Engine ID” button in the Details section. Click it and get your Search Engine ID.   After getting both the API key and Search Engine ID, choose “{last_user_msg}” in Query and click the “Finish” button.

Save your default message and try it out.

And you are done!