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Collect data on Google Sheets through Botsify - Zapier Triggers

To secure and gather your data, Botsify can connect you with Zapier. Zapier automatically saves useful information between user web apps, so users can focus on the other important tasks. In the previous blog, we have discussed how to integrate your Botsify account with Zapier account. In this tutorial, you will learn how we can take benefits from Botsify - Zapier Triggers! Let’s discuss each trigger in detail. From Zapier Home Page, Go to Integrations On “Pick apps to Explore Workflow ideas” search bar,  write Botsify and select it. Now scroll down to “App Details For Current Selection” Connect your Botsify Account by pasting API key from Botsify Settings > API Key

Form Submitted

Collect data from your bot and save it to your Google sheet through Zapier Let’s learn how you can collect data from Botsify forms to your Google Sheet From Zapier Home page go to Zaps and enter “Make a New Zap” Select Botsify as your Trigger App Select “Form Submitted” and Save + Continue for further process Add an existing form from your Botsify Account or Create a Form first. Enter “Continue” Select any 1 Sample Form to set up your zap.  You can check the format from the drop-down Your trigger is ready! Now Choose an action to move further. I have chosen Google Sheet Choose the purpose of your sheet accordingly then Save + continue. We are collecting Forms’ data from Botsify Forms. So, I have selected “Create a Sheet.” Create a sheet on Google SpreadSheet according to your Botsify forms. Select the specific spreadsheet. Name your columns and fill in the required fields accordingly. Now you will land to a new window. Either test the sample or skip the step. Here is how the test sample looks like. Now “Fetch & Continue” After the successful test Enter “Finish” Give a name to your ZAP Toggle Right to turn on your Zap! Your Google Sheet Zap is ready to use!