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How to embed website chatbot widget code

Botsify offers several channels to integrate with your Chatbot. One of the widely used channels is chatbots for websites. Embedding a chatbot on your website is easy and a matter of a few steps. You just need code edit access on your website and the website should be live on the internet.

Now After Signing up, move to dashboard -> Settings -> Publish Bot

publish bot   Click on it and you will see multiple Channels to integrate the chatbot with. Now Click on "Connect to Website" Website Publish Bot You will see the 2nd option which is "Install Code Yourself". Click on it and copy the code to add it to your website. Instructions are also written do follow that and add your code before ending the body tag.  Embed Code It is done you should see a chatbot widget appear on your website like this:   If you have a website made using WordPress then you can use our WordPress plugin to embed your chatbot in your website easily Inline Embed Code If you find it hard to understand and don't want to use the code yourself, you can always use the third option and email the code to your developer who can do this for you.