Get Human Help Notification on Your Facebook Messenger

Chatbots can provide complete product knowledge and entertain your customers until they make a buying a decision.
Even after entertaining your customers if he/she wants to connect with customer service staff, Botsify Human Help feature can easily do this job.

Here’s how you can turn-on notification on Facebook Messenger Human Help Notification.

From Left toolbar Go to “Settings”

From the center page select the last option that says: “Subscribe to Messenger Notification”
Now Check on “Send to Messenger”

This check will enable you to get a notification on Facebook messenger whenever your customer will ask for human help.

You can entertain your customers directly through Facebook Messenger.

Don’t forget to type “Finish” after entertaining your customers. It will turn on your bot again.

Chatbots are an easy way to connect with your customers.
Now you can easily provide customer support to your customers from anywhere anytime from your Facebook Mobile Applications.