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Guidelines to Publish Bot as Template for Community

If you want to publish your bot for the public Community make sure your bot has an interesting and sensible topic and must follow the following guidelines.  Otherwise, your bot would not be published for the community. If your bot passed the review phase then it would be placed on Botsify Bot Store with your name. Remember that whenever your Public Template gets cloned by the paid user you will earn a commission from Botsify (to be announced). Follow these guidelines before publishing your bot. Bot must have Greeting Message. Bot must have Get Started Message. Bot must have Default Message. Bot must have enough stories. It is recommended to use Chatbot Menu in your bot. You must provide the valid name, description and category for your template at the time of submitting. You should also select the language and image of your template. The bot should not contain advertising material of your business. The bot should not contain the content which may hurt beliefs of any particular race or religion.