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How to Integrate Botsify Chatbot with Slack

Today we are going to learn how to connect your bot with your Slack app workspace through Integromate.

Like many other integrations, Botsify allows you to connect your workspace with your chatbot you can easily get the messages you wanted to answer on your slack app. You can send broadcasts, receive form submissions and send automated out of office messages using Botsify for Slack.

In order to start, you will first have to go to log in to your Botsify account and your Integromate account.

Then select the bot you want to integrate with your slack workspace or create a new chatbot if required.

Once you are in, go to the chatbot dashboard and You can see there are steps given here already, what you need to do is follow these steps one by one and your bot will be up and running on slack.

First, go to the story tab and create a story you want to answer through slack:

After creating a story go to the edit story button and if you have already an existing story you wanted to integrate you can also go to that story and click on the edit story button.

After clicking on the edit button you will land upon the editing page and now you have to choose Integration Tab for you and click on JSON API integration.

Now you get a popup of Jason Integration tab where you have to write an API endpoint and had to select request type.

Paste your Integromate webhook API’s URL in your Plugin API endpoint section. And select POST as the request type.

Now save this story and also on Integromate page click on RUN to execute it Now this setting is saved in both platforms and your bot is connected to Integromate now let’s connect your slack.

Click on the adding button on your webhook. You will get a ‘?’ icon click on it and choose Slack as integration. Write any title or name you want to this connection and save it.


After saving slack as a connection they will redirect you to your signed-in slack account click on allow to connect your slack.

After allowing the connection on Slack with Integromate select a Slack channel you want to receive messages, and you can enter a relevant Text also.

Finally! Save the settings and now you will be able to receive the bot messages on the Slack channel you choose.

That’s how when you receive a message on chatbot you will also get it on your selected slack channel.

That’s it, your Slack is not integrated with Botsify!