Integrate Website Chatbot with WordPress Site

Written by usamanoman
Posted On Mar, 29, 2017
Our website chatbot works with all websites, it's standard JS code which works in all major browsers. All you need to do is paste the javascript code provided by Botsify into your website, that's it! So let's see how can one integrate botsify's website chatbot into his/her WordPress site or Blog.

Step 1 - Create a website chatbot in Botsify

Create a chatbot in Botsify, follow our other tutorials, to learn how to quickly create a chatbot of your own. Remember, you have to create the website chatbot (not the normal one), for it to be linkable with any website, including WordPress. The website chatbot comes only with the paid plan.

Step 2 - Copy your unique code

Go to "Chatbot for Website" section in the sidebar navigation. You will see your unique javascript code. Copy this code. 6

Step 3 - Login to your admin panel of WordPress site

Now login to Admin Panel of your WordPress site, and go to "Appearance -> Editor" This will open up some code like in the screenshot below. 7  

Step 4 - Select your theme and Footer.php

Select you current theme from the dropdown, and then click on the footer.php. Find the closing body tags (</body>) in the file, as in the screenshot below. 8  

Step 5 - Paste the code

That's it, now paste the code you copied from the step # 2 into this area before </body>. Click save to see changes in your site. Remember, your website chatbot is integrated with your theme, therefore if you change the theme you will have to redo the same process with your new theme. 9