Every user that interacts with your website or messenger chatbot is added to your user list. This list can help you keep track of each user, export the list and/or manage it by using various actions. So let’s find out how to manage, edit and export a user list.

Export User From a List

In order to export your user list simply go to your botsify dashboard. On the side menu, click on ‘User’ and then go to Bot Users. You will see all the users who interacted with your chatbot here. You can either export the entire list or select your desired users. From ‘Select an Action’ dropdown click on Export. Click submit and your user list will be downloaded

Manage Your User List

You can choose what happens to your user list by choosing any of the given options for managing. A. You can see which of the users have subscribed to your notifications in select a segment dropdown. B. Select an Action dropdown that has various actions that you can pick from. Choose one or more users or the entire list that you want to Activate, Deactivate, Delete, Mark as Test User, Export or Add User Attribute to. In order to make these actions happen, you can just click submit right next to it. C. To view individual users and edit their information or manage them separately, simply click on the user name.