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How To Setup Promotional Plugins For Website

Promotional plugins are somewhat like checkbox plugin but with more than one appearances.These plugins can appear as a bar on top of your landing page, as a separate dialog in the center or a pop-up box in the bottom right corner of your screen. Promotional plugins for your website can be integrated into any website. Every time a person checks in the plugin, he/she is directly added to your messenger audience.You can send a welcome message to this person, send news alerts, updated and subscription messages to them whenever you want. Here’s a step by step guide to creating Promotion Plugins For Website: Go to your dashboard and click on connect then select messenger or Facebook Icon. Now click on ‘Growth Tools’ and the sidebar will expand. From the given options click on ‘Promotional Plugin for Website’. You will see 3 options here. Since we have 3 different types of Promotional Plugins, let’s have a look at each one separately to understand them a little better. Creating a Promotion Bar for the Website Select the first option from the given 3, if you want your messenger subscription promotional plugin to appear on top of your landing page. Now you will see a bunch of fields to fill and customize your promotional bar. Add a Heading. This will appear on the topmost of your promotion bar. Select your desired text color for the heading. Now write a message for your button. The button label is basically a call to action. Select the color of this label text. Now choose the color of the button, keeping in mind the text color that will appear on top of this box. Now to close this top bar, you will need to set up a text. Write your close text and select a color for it.   Type a message you want to send as a greeting or any other information to the user that has just been added to your messenger subscription. Lastly, type your website URL on which you want to add your promotional bar. Once done click on ‘Save and Generate to get the code. Voila! Your code is generated. Paste this code onto your website and see how the plugin looks. You always come back and customize as per your liking. Here’s how the promotional bar plugin looks: Creating a Promotion Box for Website Your promotion box will appear at the bottom right on your website. The customization is pretty much the same as promotion bar, however, you can write a little content here as a message. This message will appear on the box (not to get it confused with a text message that your user will get once subscribed) Write your desired heading and choose a color for it. Type the content you want to show under your heading and choose a color for its text. Fill out the rest of the fields as explained above (in promotion bar setup) and save and generate your code. Paste this code on your website and your promotion box plugin will be integrated into your website. Now Here’s what it looks like: Creating a Promotion Pop-up for Website To setup a promotion pop-up for your website, you can follow the same steps as the promotion box. Once you generate the code and paste it on your website, this is how your promotional pop-up will appear on your website: