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How to use Facebook Checkbox Plugin in Botsify

You can get more users on your Facebook page by integrating Facebook’s Checkbox Plugin in Botsify. Read this guide, it will help you get started easily. Let’s begin Choose “Facebook Checkbox Plugin” facebook checkbox A window will pop up, requiring some information from you. Firstly, it will ask you for your website address. Type your website URL in the input field. Secondly, it will ask you for a message. Type the message, which you want to send to the user. After filling out all the fields, click the “Get Code” button. Two types of code will be generated, one will be for HTML and other for the JavaScript. You can copy the JavaScript code and paste it into your website code just before the closing body tag. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your button’s on click attribute. Save your code and open up your website. You will see a check box with the label “Send to Messenger”. If you mark the checkbox and click the button, you will receive the option media block message from your page.