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How to setup a package?

In this Document, I will guide you on how to create a Package through Partner Portal.

Step 01 

Go to the Partner Portal Dashboard. Package dashboard

Step 02

Click on My Packages Screen on the sidebar. My Package

Step 03

Click on the Create Paid Packages Button. Create Paid Packages

Step 04

Enter the Package Name, Select the Currency in the drop-down, Enter the  Price, Select the Package Type in the drop-down, Enter the Total Bots Allowed, Enter the Total Bot Users Allowed, And Enter the trial period Days. package details

Step 05

Click on the Create New Package Button. Create New Package

Step 06

Details shown on the Packages List Dashboard here are the different options as well, you can Activate/InActivate your Package status, Copy your Package ID, Edit your Package Details, and Delete your Package. activate Package