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How To Send WhatsApp Broadcasts?

The broadcast feature allows you to send messages to your WhatsApp users  The WhatsApp broadcast process is divided into two sections — WhatsApp broadcast and WhatsApp media blocks.

How To Create A WhatsApp Media Block?

To send broadcasts, you must have your media blocks ready. However, for creating the WhatsApp media blocks follow the steps below;

Step 01: Go to Publish

From the left sidebar, click publish and go to the WhatsApp icon. whatsapp chatbot

Step 02: Create WhatsApp Media Block

Once you have clicked on the WhatsApp logo a popped-up sidebar will open, showing the option for WhatsApp media block, click that. Click on “create WhatsApp Media Block” to create your first media block.   WhatsApp media blocks are of 4 types, which are as follows:
  • Textual media: It is the words you write in the form of content that portray the product's identity except for its visual image NOTE: if you send audio as a media block it will fall under textual media.
  • Video media: it is also the visual representation of the content that has been sent to the client. However, this media type supports mp4 and 3gp
  • File media: with this media you can send all documents, this media type supports pdf format only
  • Image media: the visual representation of the media block can be sent via media block. However, it supports jpeg, jpg, and png

Step 03: Name The Media Block

After creating your media block, name your media block to the name field provided, then save it. NOTE: the name of the media block must be unique

Types Of WhatsApp Media Block Button:

WhatsApp media block has 3 main types of buttons, which are as follows;
  • Postback button: it supports buttons such as text messages, media blocks, start story, RSS feeds, JSON API, conversational form, and human help
  • Web URL button: it supports the website URL button when one wants to redirect the user to a subjective website
  • Phone button: it supports a direct call button when the user request for a live chat

WhatsApp Media Block Approval:

IMPORTANT NOTE: once the media blocks have been created they will be sent to the Facebook authorities for approval. This process takes 10 to 15 hours and at times 24 hours too. However, you can view the approval status inside your dashboard too. The WhatsApp logo’s color indicates the status;
  • Red defines rejected — media block has been requested but was not approved
  • Yellow defines submitted — media block has been submitted and is waiting for the approval
  • Green defines approved — media block was requested and it got approved by the Facebook
Media Block Types  

How To Send A WhatsApp Broadcast?

Once the media blocks have been approved by Facebook, all approved WhatsApp media blocks will be listed in the “Whatsapp Media Blocks”. Then go to WhatsApp broadcast; Whatsapp broadcast  

Step 01: Select Users

You can select users in 3 possible ways; all subscribed users, upload users, or you can send user segment templates and segments  

Step 02: Check Out Broadcast Charges

Click on send a message, A pop-up will be shown regarding the users, tap Ok then you will be this notification, Just make sure all the things are right and tap on Yes, send it! You can check out the charges according to your country. For reference: charges wrt country NOTE: Botsify charges 10% of the total broadcast charges sending the broadcast  

Step 03: Send Broadcast

After filling out all the important details, make sure to double-check everything. And that’s it your broadcast is ready to be sent!

Media Block Limitation:

The following are the 4 basic messaging media blocks limitation:
  • Each WhatsApp Business Account can have up to 250 media blocks (how many is determined by your plan). That means 250 media blocks names, and each of them can have multiple language translations
  • The media block name field is limited to 512 characters
  • The media block content field is limited to 1024 characters
  • There is no limit to the number of parameters allowed in a Message Media Block
  • When you add a postback button, the other buttons must be postback too; you can add 3 buttons maximum
  • You can add either one Web URL button or Phone button at a time
  • You can either add a web URL and phone at a time

Processing Media Size:

The following are the sizes for each media supported for WhatsApp broadcast;  
Media Size
Audio 25 MB
Document 25 MB
Image 25 MB
Video 25 MB

Broadcast Example:

The following is one of the examples of the broadcast sent: