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Create Customer Engagement through Media Blocks and Story Buttons on Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook has become a business platform these days and for this purpose, Facebook has introduced its Facebook ads Feature. Facebook ads increase your visibility among your target audience. In a very low budget, you can reach out to your target audience and generate revenue in a short span of time. You can create Facebook ads from HERE You can also embed your action buttons on Facebook ads. It makes it easier to get immediate action and increase impulsive buying. You can use buttons to embed stories or media blocks together so that your user can use them according to your requirements. Step 1: From Botsify Dashboard Go to left ToolBar > Design > Media Blocks Now “Copy Payload” from your already created Media Block If you haven’t created a media block Create it now. Step 2: Paste the Payload you have copied earlier to the “Bot Payload” field. Step 3: “Preview in Messenger” to see if your respective button is set by clicking on the button. Here’s how your first button will look like in messenger: Step 4: Click on the button and you’ll see your action. We have set the link to our Help section to the media block button. Step 5: If your user doesn’t want to take any action at the moment, you can give him the option of story continuity by embedding the second button as a second option on the ad. Apart from the running campaign, this feature can keep your audience engage in your other services too. Go to Facebook Ad Template page Click on “Add another button” Step 6: From Botsify Dashboard, Go to chatbot AI > Story Copy your respective story payload from “Copy Payload” Step 7: Paste your story payload on the Button#2 “Bot Payload” field Now “Preview it in Messenger” Step 8: Here’s how your second button will look like. Click on it and start your story. You can grab your audience through Facebook advertisement and can create an interesting engagement in Facebook messenger through these media blocks and stories.