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Do Yourself A Favor, Make A Chatbot

This is support documentation for using Botsify, you will find several articles, videos to help you get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few of the top FAQs. What's the pricing of Botsify, should I actually pay to use Botsify? How can I turn off my chatbot? How can I test my chatbot in Botsify? What is a Facebook Chatbot? How do I search my chatbot on Facebook?

Get Started with Botsify - Build your Chatbot

Getting started with Botsify. How to Create a Chatbot?

Create your chatbot with Botsify

View the story section, from Chatbot AI:  What is a story? How to create the story for Chatbot? How to set up a basic message for a chatbot?

Understanding Media Blocks

What are Media Blocks? How to make a Button Block? How to make an Image Slider Block for your chatbot? How to make an Image, Video, File, and Audio Block for your chatbot? After signing into Botsify's dashboard you can view Media Blocks in the Chatbot AI section; Media Block

Schedule or Broadcast Messages to your users

How to broadcast a message through a chatbot?