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How To Add Visitor Emails To ActiveCampaign List

In this piece of writing, you will learn how you can integrate integromat and ActiveCampaign to land each lead in one section.

In these simple steps get it done!

Step 1:

Sign up at Botsify and land on the dashboard or if you have already signed up then simply sign in with the credentials.

Step 2:

Go to chatbot AI and select Conversational Forms to create one for your leads. Name your form “email selection” (say).

NOTE: If you already have created a form then step forward.

Step 3:

Go to your integromat dashboard and create a scenario.  Start creating it from a scratch by adding a module.


Make sure the module you have created is of “webhook” and for more precision make sure it is “custom webhook”. Also, name your webhook module (whatever you want to name it).


Step 4:

The next step is to copy the API payload from the custom webhook you have created and paste it to the conversational form API key section. Make sure the method type is “POST”.

Step 5:

Go back to the integromat platform and create another module but this time of ActiveCampaign. Please be sure to select “Add a contact” or “Add or update a contact” in order to create one.

Use the “Add” button to create a new campaign name as per your choice. Also, when the module is run once, you can see the keywords pop up on the right. Select the ‘Email’ keyword to be filled in the required field.

However, to view accurate results make sure you have unlinked the c from the webhook first. Run the conversational form once in the chatbot.

Then run the webhook once and link it back to Activecampaign again. Fill out the tag mandatory keyword field indicated in bold letters.
The other fields shown in the picture are optional.

Step 6:

Next, up go to the ActiveCampaign dashboard and create a campaign.

Select the standard one for your campaign, name the campaign, and follow the steps.

Remember: the email has to be from the account holder.


Step 7:

Stay on the ActiveCampaign dashboard and go to the settings, then to the developer section and copy the URL.

Get back to integormat dashboard, and on the ActiveCampaign module paste the copied URL to the account name field.

Moreover, tag the “Email” keyword from the pop-up on the right of the screen once you click on the empty field given under the email option.

Then go back to ActiveCampaign copy API and paste it to the integromat API key field.

Step 8:

The last step, go back to the ActiveCampaign dashboard and reach to manage tags then to add tags and create another module of “add a tag to a contact” on Integromat.

Next, up make sure to toggle on the “map” option indicated in the screenshot to have a menu open. Select a contact ID keyword to be placed in the required field. At last, integrate this module to any of the conversation forms and attach it with stories to start collecting emails.