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How To Create A Text Media Block

Learn how to create a text media block along with the use of buttons

Step 1

Go to the chatbot AI from the left toolbar

Step 2

Then click on the “Media Blocks”

Step 3

Next, a screen will appear showing your all media blocks. So click on “create media block” to start from scratch

Step 4

Click “Text Message” to start

Step 5

Enter the text you want to show up to the users.

Step 6

Then click “Add new button” to help users to get in touch with the bot easily

Step 7

By clicking the “add new button” a list of buttons will pop up. Choose the one you are looking for!

Step 8

Add the title of the button and its user attribute

Step 9

This is how all your buttons will look like

Step 10

Once you are done with the buttons, name the media block, and save it

Step 11

Lastly, test your bot to know if everything is working fine


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