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How To Create A User Segment

Learn how to create a user segment in the simplest steps

Step 1

To create a user segment, you first need to create a “data store”. For that go to chatbot AI at the extreme left toolbar

Step 2

Once the chatbot AI has opened, the next is to hit “datastore”

Step 3

A window will open up showcasing a “create a Datastore” button. Hit that to start creating one.

Step 4

Name your “datastore” and add its values, as shown below

Step 5

Hit the toggle on to land the created “datastore” into the user segment


Step 6

Click the “Add Datastore” button to add it.

Step 7

The datastore has been created, therefore, the next is to create the user segment for that go to “users”

Step 8

Click the “User Segmentation” to continue creating the user segments.

Step 9

Enter the entities such as; name, attribute, operator, and value

Step 10

Click the “Create” button to create the user segment.

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